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Kelly Kelly

Phone: 928-671-110

Wickenburg, Arizona

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Your Trusted Excavation Contractors in Wickenburg, AZ

At BigDirt Expert, we are proud to be the leading excavating contractors in Wickenburg, AZ. Whether you’re planning a residential project, commercial construction, or any other excavation service, our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a free quote.

Phone Number

Reach us directly at:

(928) 671-110

Our team is available to take your call from 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday.


Email Address

For inquiries, quotes, or additional information, email us at:


We strive to respond to all emails within 24 hours.


Office Location

Visit our office for a face-to-face consultation:

Wickenburg, Arizona

We recommend calling ahead to schedule an appointment to ensure our experts are available to meet with you.

Why Choose BigDirt Expert?

Expertise and Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the excavation industry, BigDirt Expert is Wickenburg’s trusted choice for quality and reliability. Our skilled contractors utilize cutting-edge equipment to ensure timely and budget-friendly project completion. We pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to handle a wide variety of excavation projects, no matter the complexity or scale.


Comprehensive Excavation Services

We offer a wide range of excavation services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our services include:

  • Site Preparation: From clearing and leveling land to preparing for new construction, we ensure a solid start for your project.

  • Trenching and Grading: Proper drainage and grading are crucial for any construction project. We provide precise trenching and grading services.

  • Demolition: Safe and efficient demolition of existing structures to clear the way for new development.

  • Land Clearing: Removing trees, shrubs, and debris to prepare your site for construction.

  • Foundation Excavation: Digging and preparing the site for strong and stable foundations.

  • Utility Installation: Excavation for water, sewer, electrical, and other utility lines.


Local Knowledge and Commitment

Being a locally owned and operated business, we comprehend the unique challenges of excavating in Wickenburg, AZ. Our dedication to the community motivates us to provide exceptional service and results. We are well-versed in the local terrain, climate, and regulations, enabling us to navigate any obstacles efficiently and effectively.

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients through exceptional service and a dedication to excellence. Choosing BigDirt Expert means choosing a partner who is invested in the success of your project and the well-being of the Wickenburg community.


Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Don’t wait to get started on your excavation project. Contact BigDirt Expert today for a free consultation and discover why we are Wickenburg’s premier excavation contractors. Call us at (928) 671-110 or email Kelly@BigDirt.Expert

Our Services

Comprehensive Excavation Solutions

BigDirt Expert offers a full range of excavation services tailored to meet your specific needs.Our team is capable of handling projects, both small residential jobs and large-scale commercial projects.


Residential Excavation

We provide a variety of services to homeowners, including:

  • Site Preparation: Clearing and leveling land for new home construction.

  • Foundation Excavation: Digging and preparing the site for a strong foundation.

  • Landscaping Excavation: Preparing your yard for new landscaping projects, such as pools, gardens, and patios.


Commercial Excavation

Our commercial services are designed to meet the needs of businesses and developers, including:

  • Commercial Site Development: Preparing sites for commercial buildings, parking lots, and other infrastructure.

  • Utility Installation: Excavation for water, sewer, electrical, and other utility lines.

  • Grading and Trenching: Ensuring proper drainage and site preparation for construction.


Industrial Excavation

For large-scale industrial projects, we offer:

  • Mass Excavation: Moving large volumes of earth for major construction projects.

  • Heavy Equipment Operation: Utilizing advanced machinery for efficient and effective excavation.

  • Demolition Services: Safe and thorough demolition of existing structures to make way for new construction.


Specialized Services

In addition to our standard excavation services, BigDirt Expert also offers:

  • Erosion Control: Remember to implement measures to prevent soil erosion and protect your property.

  • Environmental Excavation: Removing contaminated soil and other materials in compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Emergency Excavation: Providing rapid response services for urgent excavation needs, such as water line breaks or landslides.

Our Process

How We Work

  • Initial Consultation

We commence with a thorough consultation to grasp your project requirements and objectives. Our team will evaluate your site, address your needs, and offer expert guidance on the optimal approach.


  • Detailed Planning

Based on the initial consultation, we develop a detailed plan tailored to your project. This includes timelines, cost estimates, and any necessary permits or regulatory considerations.


  • Professional Execution

Our experienced team utilizes cutting-edge equipment and proven methods to efficiently and safely complete your project. We prioritize open communication throughout to ensure your satisfaction.


  • Project Completion

We complete every project to the highest standards, ensuring that the site is clean, safe, and ready for the next phase of construction. Our aim is to surpass your expectations and provide outstanding results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get a Quote for My Excavation Project?

To get a quote, you can call us at (928) 671-110, email us at Kelly@BigDirt.Expert, or fill out our online contact form. Provide us with details about your project, and we will offer a free, no-obligation estimate.

What Areas Do You Serve?

BigDirt Expert proudly serves Wickenburg, AZ, and the surrounding areas. If you’re unsure whether we can service your location, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What Types of Projects Do You Handle?

We handle a variety of excavation projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our services include site preparation, trenching, grading, demolition, land clearing, foundation excavation, and utility installation.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Yes, BigDirt Expert is fully licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind with every project. We ensure strict adherence to all local regulations and industry standards, guaranteeing the highest levels of safety and quality in our excavation work. You can trust us to handle your excavation needs with professionalism and compliance.

Our Commitment to Safety

  • Safety First

At BigDirt Expert, safety is paramount. We adhere to stringent safety protocols and guidelines to safeguard our team, clients, and the environment. Our equipment undergoes regular inspections and meticulous maintenance to guarantee optimal performance and safety on every project. We are dedicated to creating a secure work environment, minimizing risks, and ensuring the highest standards of safety in all our operations.


  • Environmentally Responsible

At BigDirt Expert, we are dedicated to environmentally responsible practices. Our excavation methods are designed to minimize environmental impact, ensuring the preservation of natural surroundings. We prioritize recycling and repurposing materials, striving to reduce waste and promote sustainability in every project we undertake. By choosing eco-friendly techniques and materials, we aim to protect the environment and contribute to a sustainable future.

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Ready to start your project? Contact BigDirt Expert today for reliable and professional excavation services in Wickenburg, AZ. We look forward to working with you!

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